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Tadalafil: indications
Erectile dysfunction (inability to develop and hold an erection) is a condition that not only affects reproductive function in men but also causes psychological discomfort due to weak sexual performance. A lot of things take part in developing erection – they are man’s brain, penile muscles, nerves, blood vessels and so on – even emotions can influence the process.

If anything is wrong with abovementioned, there may arise problems with erection. Fortunately, today it’s possible to improve the condition pretty fast. Treatment that a patient should receive depends on the cause of the problem. For instance, if a man is too nervous or low-confident, he may cope with the problem just with the help of a good psychologist.

But most often physiological factors take place –such as muscle tension, narrowed blood vessels, etc. In such cases medicaments are usually prescribed – a patient may be recommended to use Tadalafil. This drug contains tadalafil as an active ingredient.

Tadalafil affects blood vessels (dilates them) – as a result, more blood gets into penis. This is very important for developing erection. But all patients taking Tadalafil should remember, that the drug won’t do all the job – to get an erection, one should be mentally and sexually aroused.

By the way, Erectile dysfunction is not the only indication for using tadalafil. One may also use Tadalafil for the treating of BHP (enlarged prostate) and some other conditions.

Where to purchase the drug?
We know that you know where drugs are sold. Be we also know that you:

  • Do not want other people to know about your problem,
  • Do not want to spend your time on getting prescriptions, standing in a line, etc.,
  • Do not want to pay for expensive drugs while there analogs of the same quality but for lower price exist on the market.

So, Ordering Tadalafil instead of a regular drug store is really a good option. Just enjoy the comfort that modern technologies offer. It may take just a couple of minutes to make an order and pay for your drug – and you will get your medicine delivered right to your door very soon. The only recommendation for online-shoppers is to pick up a company very thoroughly: dealing with a reputable pharmacy, you do not risk your health and money.

We don’t want to have secrets from our clients that’s why would like to explain why we sell meds at such a low cost. When you shop offline, most pharmacists offer you expensive branded drugs. When you shop online, you can get Tadalafil – the drug with all the same characteristics (mechanism of action, composition, side effects, etc.) as it’s branded analog. Generics are not patented, so they cost lower than brand medicine worldwide. Moreover, online pharmacies do not have such expenses as offline drug stores (rent, salaries, etc.), so we can offer meds for lower cost.

Tadalafil: contraindications and precautions
Not all men can use Tadalafil safely. There exist conditions, when using such meds is prohibited or a dosage adjustment is needed. Do not use the medicine if you:

  • Are under 18 years of age,
  • Have an allergy to tadalafil,
  • Are using nitrate medicaments.

If you think you need Tadalafil, buy online the medicine only after consulting your healthcare provider in case you suffer from any condition mentioned in this list:

  • Serious problems with your heart or blood vessels including such conditions as heart rhythm disorder, hypertension, hypotension, heart or coronary artery disease, angina.
  • Ulcers in the stomach or any other gastrointestinal problems,
  • Hemophilia,
  • Chest pain,
  • High cholesterol,
  • Kidney problems,
  • Sickle cell anemia,
  • Leukemia,
  • Retinitis pigmentosa,
  • Recent stroke or heart attack,
  • Problems with eyes.

A person who is going to take Tadalafil, should be able to have sexual intercourse. If you have deformity of your penis or have been told to abstain from sex, consult your doctor before use Tadalafil – it would help to avoid health risks. Heavy smokers should take the med carefully.

Tadalafil: administration
Once you get the drug, especially if you use Tadalafil, learn how to take it correctly. If anything remains unclear after reading an instruction, ask your doctor for explanations. In general, rules are the following:

  1. The med isn’t to be taken on schedule – use the med as needed.
  2. Do not exceed dosage, especially if it was set by a doctor.
  3. Maximum daily dose is 1 pill.
  4. You may take the med with food, water, or independently, except for grapefruit juice (in combination with tadalafil it provokes serious side effects).
  5. Swallow the tablet whole – it shouldn’t be damaged (crushed, spitted and so one).
  6. It’s better to take a pill before the intercourse.
  7. To make the med act, a patient should get mentally and sexually aroused.
  8. The drug releases comparatively long-lasting effect – up to 36 hours, so if you plan to have sex today and tomorrow, it’ll be enough to take a pill before the first intercourse.
  9. If you are receiving treatment with Adcirca, do not use Tadalafil – the mentioned drug also has tadalafil as an active ingredient. Taking both of drugs may lead to overdose.
  10. In case of overdose call medical help. You may have such symptoms as pains in the body, numbness, nausea, dizziness and so on.
  11. Excessive sweating,
  12. Flu symptoms, heavy or ill feeling,
  13. Chest pain,
  14. Loss of vision or any changes in your ability to see,
  15. Convulsions,
  16. Trouble breathing,
  17. Pain in your shoulder or arm,
  18. Light-headed feeling,
  19. Swelling in your upper or lower extremities,
  20. Any kind of problems with your hearing,
  21. Irregular heartbeat.
  22. Cough,
  23. Headache,
  24. Problems with stomach functioning,
  25. Stuffy nose,
  26. Red face,
  27. Sore throat,
  28. Warmth in the chest area,
  29. Pain in the back or muscles.
  30. Posaconazole, itraconazole and other antifungal meds,
  31. St. John’s wort,
  32. Rifabutin, rifapentine, isoniazid and other drugs for the treating of tuberculosis,
  33. HIV/AIDS drugs as delavirdine, nelfinavir, saquinavir, efavirenz and other,
  34. Medicine for patients with hypertension and heart problems – quinidine, amlodipine, etc.,
  35. Drugs for treating seizures – oxcarbazepine, carbamazepine, primidone, fosphenytoin and other,
  36. Bosentan,
  37. Meds for hepatitis C – telaprevir, boceprevir,
  38. Nefazodone,
  39. Certain antibiotics (erythromycin, clarithromycin, etc.),
  40. Imatinib.