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You are bothered with erectile dysfunction? Can’t have normal sex? Your sexual relations stopped and you don’t see the way out? We don’t see a big reason for you to be disappointed. We will help you in a short time and nothing will bother you more. Our pharmacy has a possibility to introduce you a good medicine, which treats erectile dysfunction. We can advice you a lot of variants, because they are rather many, but today we will speak about only one medicine.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated only with the help of medical means. It won’t go away by itself. You will have such moment in your life, when this disease comes. And you must be ready to struggle with it and in a short period of time you will even forget that you have ever had it.

So, we introduce you Tadalis Generic. This medicine is one of the forms of a famous medicine Cialis. As you may guess, components, called Tadalafil, is the main here. It works like the others helping your penis reach erection. But not only is a pill needed. You also have to make sexual stimulation with the help of this pill. Without your stimulation you will not see the effect at all. Remember that this medicine doesn’t only help you to reach erection. It cures the disease. With time you will be able to reach erection without any pills. This will mean that you have no the disease more.

You will see it in our shop and always can make an order. We allow you not to have prescriptions. But we don’t have any responsibility if you use it badly. All side effect, cause by incorrect usage, are only by your fault. We specially provide you with this information to inform you about all the detail concerning the pills. We try to exclude cases of side effects. You will get the leaflet with the pills in the lack and will always have this information with you to refresh it in your memory.

In our store you can buy different amounts of the medicine. As you take the medicine just before your having sex, you need to count, how much pills will you need. A pill is of 20 mg. But the packs are very different. The smallest pack includes 10 pills, and the biggest one includes 180 pills. The prices in our shop are very low. But when you buy more pills, you pay less money. You will get discounts for bigger orders and discounts for shipping. So, the more pills you purchase, the less you pay. It is very good information. If you don’t need many pills but want to get discounts, offer them to some of your friends or neighbors. Maybe you also know somebody, who has the same problem and still doesn’t know about the treatment. Offer this medicine and you will quickly get Tadalis. In usual drug store you will need a prescription and nobody will sell you such amounts, but we will. You can rely on us and our service.

So, you must understand that if you have serious problems with your health, you can’t take Tadalis. It is forbidden for people, who have heart problems, because changes in your blood pressure because of the pills will cause heart stroke. You may check yourself and find out if you have allergies. Don’t give the medicine to children and women.

Be aware of prolonged erection. It is a kind of side effects, when the action of the pills doesn’t stop and you have erection for more then four hours. This is not typical of this action, so don’t take Tadalis after it. Usually normal erection after the usage of pills lasts for 2-3 hours, but not more. It may also happen if you take double or triple dose of it. Some people do so and think that the effect will be brighter, but they were mistaken.

You may feel a lot of side effects. They are not often, but sometimes may happen. The symptoms may be like at any other disease. You will feel different pains, beginning from your head up to stomach and muscles, fast heartbeat, fever and so on. So, if even any change at your state happens – stop taking it and go to doctor.

You must not take Tadalis with other medicines, which have the same ingredients and are used to erectile dysfunction treatment. They do not strengthen the effect, remember it. It is a usual mistake of many patients. You have a risk of side effects more.

Now you’ve read all the information about Tadalis. If you have still some questions, you can find some answers in the Internet or better at your pharmacist or even doctor. Professionals will give you better recommendations then you will. Non-professional help is not useful. Be careful to your health. Don’t forget about our discounts and low prices. We would like to see here more and more new patients to make them healthier quicker. Order our delivery and get your medicines right at home. Don’t worry at drug stores when you have to buy this medicine, do everything here!