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Nowadays a problem of hair loss bothers millions of people all over the world. A lot of various factors such as aging, stresses, poor ecology, overworking, etc. may lead to this sort of problem. Fortunately, a reliable means of fighting this condition has been found. If hair loss is what you are suffering from, then just get acquainted with the medicine that will help you to get rid of this problem and you will have thick and attractive hair.

Finasteride is a drug that is widely used for the treating of hail loss (androgenetic alopecia). Male patients are often advised to use finasteride if they start losing hair on the anterior mid-scalp area and vertex. Women and children are prohibited to use this medicine.

This drug acts by inhibiting the process that leads to hair loss, or, in other words, by preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in men’s body.

Finasteride: How to buy and how to take this drug?
Nowadays it is not a problem to decide on where to get finasteride, as a lot of drug stores and online-pharmacies offer their services. So you can pick up any option. But when it comes to dosage, you have to follow all the instructions and recommendations in order to get a healing effect instead of a side one.

That’s why you should never adjust doses by yourself. Leave it for your doctor’s competency. Take the drug strictly as prescribed. Do not exceed the dosage and never skip doses.

Finasteride is released in tablets that are to be taken orally with/without food and followed by a full glass of water. It is recommended to take the drug at a certain time each day.

In case you miss a dose take it as soon as you remember, but do not take a double dose. Despite the overdose symptoms don’t belong to the category of life-threatening ones, you should seek for medical attendance if you have taken an exceeded dose.

After I use finasteride and start the treatment, how long it will take healing effect to reveal?
It is recommended to use Finasteride for 3 months minimum to get the benefit, as this drug works only when it is taken regularly and for a long time. Still, if you see no effect in 12 months of treatment, then it is a sign that the medicine doesn’t work in your case and there is no use of further treatment.

It is also very important to know that in a year you may lose the hair that have grown due to Finasteride taking, if you stop using the medicine. So the periods of treatment and breaks should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

Finasteride: Contraindications and precautions
Pregnant and breast-feeding women, who quite often suffer from hair loss, may not bother about how to use finasteride as this medication is strictly contraindicated to them. Moreover, these categories of people as well as children should not even touch the drug, as it can be absorbed by the skin and cause harm to one’s health.

There are some conditions when a patient should first consult the doctor before taking Finasteride. So, do not hurry to use finasteride if you have or suffer from:
– allergy to dutasteride that is similar to finasteride
– liver disease
– bladder muscle disorder
– prostate cancer
– stricture of urethra
– inability to urinate.

Finasteride: side effects
While taking Finasteride one can experience serious side effects or allergic reactions that include such symptoms:
– swelling of one’s lips, tongue, throat or face
– hives
– difficulty breathing
– nipple discharge
– breast pain or lumps

All these cases signalize that you have to stop taking the drug and get immediate medical attendance.

One can also experience less serious side effects when it is enough just to call or visit your doctor to get a consultation and it is not required to quit the treatment. These side effects include:
– swelling in one’s feet /hands
– swelling /tenderness in one’s breasts;
– runny nose
– dizziness, weakness
– skin rash
– abnormal ejaculation
– impotence
– loss of libido
– troubles with having orgasm
– headache

Finasteride: Drug Interactions
Finasteride showed no interactions during testing that’s why you can take it safely with other drugs. If you are taking any drugs at the moment, to be on the safe side, you can ask your doctor if simultaneous taking of several drugs won’t cause any harm to your health.

Finasteride: storage
Remember: if the drug is not stored as it is required, it may turn into poison. So do not neglect to get acquainted with the storage information.

Finasteride should be stored at room temperature. Keep the drug away from heat, light and moisture. Do not keep the medicine in the bathroom. The bottle should be always closed tightly.

Keep away from women and children. Never leave the bottle open or broken tablets in reach of women and children. The drug can be absorbed through the skin and cause harm. In case the contact happens the area of contact is to be washed with soap thoroughly.

Where to get the drug?
Nowadays it is not a problem to buy any drug in any amount. But every time you are making a purchase be sure that the seller is worth trusting. You can drop into the drugstore on your way home from work, but there it is more likely that you will have to stand in a line and afterwards the pharmacist will ask for the prescription.

To save your time and money you can use the alternative way of getting what you need. Just type “propecia generic” in the search box and you will find yourself at online-pharmacy, where prescription is not required and medicines are much cheaper than in ordinary drug stores. By clicking “finasteride pills” you can make a request for a purchase that later will be delivered right to your door.

By purchasing drugs online you save a lot of time that is usually spent on visiting doctors and queuing in the drug stores. Of course, the final decision is up to you, but it is really good when you have some options to choose from.