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Vardenafil: Common use
It’s not a secret that modern men are willing to feel successful not only in career growth and personal achievements, but also always be confident in his masculine strength. Sometimes, for various reasons (fatigue, stress or poor health) the man begins to feel extremely insecure and vulnerable. Erection is a reason for the biggest fears, complexes and feelings, which, in turn, could provoke a new failure and the situation, will repeat again. There are many ways to solve this delicate problem, but one of the best assistant in this matter is drug Vardenafil. It is one of the latest developments in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many online pharmacies sell complete analogues of the brand drug Levitra – Vardenafil Generic. These drugs have the same composition as the original, but the price is lower.

Approximately after 10-20 minutes when a patient takes the medication its main component – Vardenafil – improves blood into the penis, which leads to the persistent and prolonged erection. In this regard, Vardenafil should be taken immediately before the start of intercourse; the effect can last several hours. Thus, this drug is used not only to improve the quality and duration of sexual intercourse, but also for the treatment of impotence, which is caused by various factors. They include medication; old age; stress or depression; diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system.

Vardenafil: Dosage
Before you use Vardenafil, consult with the specialist or Vardenafil provider to be sure that the dosage is right.

Vardenafil starts its action if sexual stimulation! The preparation is taken orally; it is desirable to swallow it with some amount of water for 30-60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Being a very powerful means, Vardenafil is rapidly absorbed in the blood; its concentration in the blood is from 4 to 10 hours. That’s why the effect of Vardenafil varies from 4 to 10 hours, depending on the characteristics of the organism. Take Vardenafil once a day. The minimum dosage is 5 mg (for older people at the age of 65), maximum dosage 40 mg (diabetes).

Vardenafil is compatible with alcohol consumption and fatty foods.

Vardenafil: Precautions
Before you use Vardenafil, do read about all the precautions the preparation has

Before taking the drug one ought not to eat foods containing a lot of fat, due to the fact that the absorption of drugs slows down and its action may come much later. Take Vardenafil no more than once a day. It should be recalled that the drug exerts its action in sexual arousal.

Vardenafil: Contraindications
Never use Vardenafil if you haven’t read all the contraindications. Before you begin the treatment with this preparation, get a professional consultation.

Vardenafil contraindications include:

  • In case of intolerance or sensitivity to Vardenafil you should stop taking Vardenafil.
  • Use Vardenafil and drugs containing Nitrates and Nitrites (heart medications) is forbidden.
  • Women are forbidden to use Vardenafil
  • In minor disorders in the work of the liver and kidneys, the change the dosage is not required. Vardenafil dosage may range from 5-20 mg / day; it depends on the result of the action).
  • In high blood pressure, a patient should take this medicine with caution (start with 5 mg)
  • Be cautious if you experienced recent surgery stroke or myocardial infarction and angina pectoris and ischemic heart disease.
  • In gastric ulcer, it is advisable to consult a specialist to define the optimal dosage.

Vardenafil: Side effects
If want to avoid side-effect, Vardenafil pills online only if it has been approved by your health care provider.

Common Vardenafil side effects include nausea (1%to 10%), back pain (1%), swelling of the face (1%), blurred vision (0,1%), increasing the duration of erection (0,1%), dyspepsia (1 – 10%), increased intraocular pressure (0,1%), increased muscle tone (1 – 10%).

Vardenafil: Drug Interaction
Some drugs can change the action of Vardenafil. Consult your doctor before you use Vardenafil and take Vardenafil together with any drugs.

Remember, Vardenafil should not be taken with drugs containing nitrates.

If you take medicines called alpha-blocks to treat high blood pressure or problems with the prostate gland, your blood pressure may drop dramatically. You may feel dizzy or faint.

If you are taking protease inhibitors, your dose of Vardenafil should be agreed with the doctor.

Vardenafil should not be used with any medications that affect erectile dysfunction.

Vardenafil: Note
Nowadays you can find many online drugstores offering to get Vardenafil.

On the internet we you can also get all essential recommendations how to take the preparation without causing danger to your health. In any case if you wish to avoid unwanted consequences and serious problems.