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Caverta: Common use
People use Caverta to cope with such a wide-spread disease as masculine erection failure. The preparation can give the greatest assistance for adults who suffer from this kind of erectile side-effect.

Masculine impotence problems often occur to men who belong to middle-age group. After using Caverta men get really hard and long lasting erections.

The main component contained in the drugs for ED is Sildenafil citrate which is proved to improve the blood circulation to the masculine organ. As a result, after being sexually activated men get hard and powerful erections.

The safety and helpfulness of Caverta is approved by the FDA. The preparation is prescribed only to treat male impotence. Females or young children aren’t allowed to use it for any other purposes. Only males above the age of 20 can get a prescription of buying Caverta.

Caverta: Dosage
Before you use Caverta, you need the consultation with the specialist to define the right dosage. Patients can use Caverta in medication dosage – 25mg, 50mg as well as 100mg. Take it orally making use of normal water. Never crush or perhaps chew the medicine. The full dissolution in the blood must happen in 30-50 minutes.

Caverta shows its maximum effect in less than 1 hour after being taken orally. The effect will last 4 hours. The action of the drug may decrease if it is combined with fatty foods. Caverta can be used as a replacement of other prescribed drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

You should not take Caverta 100 mg more than once per day. If you are more than 65 years old or have serious liver or kidney problems, your doctor may start your treatment with the lower dose – Caverta 25 mg. When you are taking the protease inhibitors, such as drugs for HIV, your doctor may recommend you to take a dose of 25 mg and may limit a single 25 mg dose for 48 hours.

Caverta dosage varies depending on your requirements. If your doctor prescribes to increase dosage, follow his instructions. Remember that the maximum dose 100 mg is taken only once a day and only after preliminary consultation with the doctor. Be careful when taking Caverta 100 mg, if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Never mix the preparation with alcohol.

Caverta: Precaution
Patients ought to get aware of some precautions before they use Caverta, or else they could get into trouble. The most important precaution is not to combine the preparation with nitrate containing medicine, which is extremely harmful.

Caverta is not advised for patients working in factory. If they take medicine before going to work, they may feel dizzy.

Once you consume this medicine, never perform such work, which needs mental attention such as driving, riding a bike, or flying plane (for pilots).

Excessive alcohol in the body might have a bad impact on the erection procedure. It may cause a fall in blood pressure level for a moment, and also cause dizziness or even fainting.

Caverta: Contraindication
Never use Cavetra without reading contraindications. Before you start the treatment with the medication, inform your doctor if you have any kind of hypersensitivity to components. Caverta is contraindicated in patients who have already been using other drugs treat impotence or are using nitrate drugs for chest pain or heart problems at the moment.

Caverta: Side effects
If want to avoid side-effect, use Caverta, only if you doctor have approved it. Caverta side effects include nasal congestion, headache, nausea, color blindness, blur vision, slight dizziness, upset stomach, indigestion, gas, face reddening, diarrhea, etc. They are usually mild and last for a short period of time. Some men are also possible to experience allergic reactions caused by the core element of the preparation. In this case you can notice rashes, body swelling and skin reddening.

Severe side effects that rarely happen include strokes, chest pain, stomach ulcer, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and heart-attack etc. If you have noticed these life-threatening side effects, look for immediate medical support.

Caverta: Overdosage
Overdosage may cause many undesired symptoms like chest pain, irregular heartbeat, nausea and fainting. Caverta overdosage of this drug is prohibited so that the patient avoid dangerous conditions..

Caverta: Interaction
Your doctor or pharmacist may already be familiar with any possible Caverta interaction. Tell your health care provider about all the medications that you are consuming at the moment. It is forbidden to combine Caverta with medications including nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate.

Caverta: Note
Caverta is believed to be optimum solution for erectile dysfunction. Today you can not only use Caverta, but get all essential recommendations on the internet. If want to avoid bad consequences and health problems, never buy the preparation if it isn’t prescribed by the specialist.