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A frequent problem at a number of people is acne. This is an annoying, disappointing disease. When you have it, it seems that you will never get rid of it. But everything is not as bad as you can feel. There is a treatment, and very effective. At first sight it may seem like a dream or fairy-tale, but when you know more about it, you will believe it.

Isotretinoin is a medicine, similar to vitamin, which helps you skin to get rid of acne. Your cells start to recover in big quantities and new cells grow more and more. In this situation ill cells die and the acne stops.

Acne can awake at all people. It happens because we don’t have enough vitamins at your body or live not correct way of life. But this situation can be changed it you will follow correct recommendations and after a course of treatment. The acne is unlikely to appear again after Isotretinoin works, but everything happens. Usually you first have a serious treatment, and then only take a course of Isotretinoin.

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We care about your health condition and advice you to get recommendations at specialists, who will warn you about possible difficulties and will make a special program of treatment for you.

Important to know
The main thing, which you need to know about Isotretinoin, is that you can’t give it to pregnant women. The medicine doesn’t suit children of any age and especially unborn baby will suffer a lot. The medicine cause diseases of different organs in the baby’s body, so pregnant women, taking Isotretinoin, will make harm to their child, even if it is unborn.

If you don’t exactly know, if you are pregnant or nor, do a test. If the result is negative – those’s good; if the result is positive – you can’t take the medicine, or just stop taking it and go to the doctor as quickly as you can and do the survey of the baby.

Also you are recommended to take as small amount of alcohol as you can during the period of treatment.

Don’t interrupt the treatment with different medicines. You must ask your doctor, if the medicines, which you are taking now, suit Isotretinoin. Some of them are forbidden for patients, who take Isotretinoin.

Make regular medical tests. Only these tests will show you the condition of your health and if the results are good. Don’t be afraid if at first stages your acne will become more severe. It will reduce further.

Remember the list of restrictions, which concerns people, who can’t take Isotretinoin because of their disease and health condition. This list will include diseases of heart of any stages and at any levels. Also there are diseases of liver here and different problems of bones, beginning with usual pains till serious illnesses.

In any case, if you have some serious disorders or take some medicines or whatever, it is better have a talk with your doctor about it. You will avoid problems and won’t harm your health.

Be careful of side effects and don’t allow the medicine affect your badly. The side effects may be reduced quickly if you notice them and call for help very quickly.
Watch for next side effects:
high temperature
running nose
allergy and similar effects
absence of appetite
changes in mood
dry mouth
problems with skin
ache in bones or muscles
problems or changes in your hearing
problems or changes in your vision

The list is not full. You see that the symptoms are very different and you can’t always determine them correctly. So, you better go to doctor and make tests and checks if you see even an insensible change in your condition. If you notice side effects at the very beginning, they won’t be able to harm you later and cause serious problems.

We can’t recommend you the suitable dosage. There is no any middle value of it. Everything depends on the severeness of your illness, on your whole health state and other reasons. All we could recommend is that it is preferable to take Isotretinoin with water every day. You mustn’t chew it and have to swallow it very fast. These methods will make the medicine work properly.

Isotretinoin: Where to buy?
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